Decatur Genesis I

Decatur Genesis I
Genesis I-K (Standard Package)
Computer & display unit, dash mounting hardware, remote control, front antenna port, antenna mounting hardware, 2 tuning forks, manuals, certification and carrying box. (Includes K-band antenna with 8' cable)
Radar reads both stationary and opposing directions with display set to read MPH.

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Smallest size of any police radar. Simple to learn instruction manual gets you ready to go quickly. Engineered for future compatibility and versatility.
Three window display shows Patrol and Target Speed and Target Lock.
Digital Speed Processing (DSP)
An innovative way to select and track targets. DSP enables the Genesis to measure a target's speed based on the distance of travel, allowing it to measure the target's speed every twelve inches, at speeds ranging from 15 to 210 MPH - an industry standard. Other radar uses older, less efficient signal processing technology that only measures the target's speed every 10-15 car lengths.
The efficiency of the DSP enables the Genesis to transmit less microwave energy through its antenna while maintaining excellent range and indisputable accuracy.

Communications Interface - makes the Genesis compatible with a variety of equipment, including large display signs, personal computers, and video surveillance equipment.

Self-Check Routine - thoroughly check the computer display boards and the system crystal for accuracy and also checks peripheral devices.

Automatic Ambient Light Control - ensures that the displays are easy to read.

Audio - adjustable volume audio speaker in the remote control.

LED Displays - Genesis has 3 easy-to-read LED displays.

Instant Target Acquisition - target identification and lock-on occur within one foot of travel.

Black Coloring - allows the unit to be less conspicuous to speeders.

Small K-Band Antenna - Genesis I K-Band antenna is the smallest antenna in the industry.

Additional features include - RFI indicator, front/rear antenna indicator, system malfunction indicator, low voltage indicator, range control, squelch control, touch sensitive front control panel, two year warranty.

Genesis I Price List / Features
Model NumberModel Type / FeaturesPrice
Genesis I-KBasic package with single K-band antenna$1325
Genesis I-KDBBasic package complete with two K-band antenna$1725

Accessories / optionsPrice
KPH software option$50
Communication port (activation software)$40
Rear antenna port (if adding a second antenna)$40
Ka-Band antenna with 8.5' cable and 8' extension cable$420
24' cable for external device$60
Rear antenna bracket$35
Windshield mount$25
Hard fitted carrying case$70

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