Decatur Genesis II Select and Genesis II Directional
Decatur Genesis II Select

Performance? ... you have to see it to believe it!


High Performance is STANDARD

  • Multi-band (Ka-band and k-band) antennas are completely interchangeable and use pure Doppler audio (not synthesized).
  • Movable components all computer and antenna connections are made with quick-release connectors and waterproof antennas.
  • Detachable display for mounting the display in confined patrol vehicles
  • Remote control fits comfortably in you hand
  • Communications port interfaces with a variety of video, display, and computer systems
  • Software comes standard with moving and stationary operational modes. Seperate target, lock, and patrol windows. Simple software upgrades are available from the list below.
  • Displays That are sunlight readable LED's and a range setting bar graph. Seperate target, lock, and patrol windows. Simple software upgrade add same direction mode, fastest target identification mode, and more.
  •  Basic package includes...
    Computer & display unit, remote control, front & rear antenna port, comm port (not active), stationary & opposing direction moving software mode, MPH display, 2 tuning forks, certification, manual & carrying box.
    K-Band antenna and mounting brackets
      Advanced technology for unprecedented preformance

    Genesis II offers you the most advanced speed enforcement radar technology in the world. Its 32 bit digital signal processing (DSP), the fastest in the industry, provides instant target acquisition and speed lock.

    Decatur's revolutionary new Ka-band (35GHz) antenna looks different because it is different. At 0.4 pounds it is less than half the size of conventional Ka-band antennas and one quarter the weight. The technology used in the design is similar to that found in cruise missiles and is the most dramatic technological advancement in traffic radar antenna design in decades.

    Decatur Genesis II Directional
    The Genesis II Directional model has all of the features of the Select model plus the added advantage of locking out a direction for even more accuracy and it comes loaded with ALL software options.
      Specifications for Genesis Select and Directional
    Signal Processing 32 bit Digital Signal Processing (DSP). Speeds are computed and verified 100 times per second.
    Accuracy +/- 1 MPH stationary, +/- 2 MPH moving
    Beam Width 12 Degrees nominal (Ka-band, K-band)
    Power Output 10 mW - 15 mW (Ka-band), 5 mW - 10 mW (K-band)
    Operating FrequenciesK-Band 24.150 GHz, Ka-Band 35.50 Ghz
    Electrical Input Voltage 9.8 to 16.5 VDC
    Temperature Operating -30 Degrees C to +70 Degrees C
    DSP Computer 32 bit processing
    Mechanical Weight 1.4 lbs combined for display unit and computer unit- D 3" x H 1.45" x W 5.25" for computer unit and D 1.1" x H 1.45" x W 5.25" for the display unit

    Genesis II Select and Genesis II Directional Price List / Features ( ALL Prices in U.S.D.)
    Model NumberModel Type / FeaturesPrice
    Genesis II - Select (K-Band single ant.)Basic package$1,695
    Genesis II - Select (K-Band dual ant.)Includes basic package and
    2nd K-Band antenna, cables & mounting hardware
    Genesis II - Select (Ka-Band single ant.)Same as basic package with Ka-Band antenna
    Genesis II - Select (Ka-Band dual ant.)Same as basic package with Ka-Band antenna and
    2nd Ka-Band antenna, cables & mounting hardware
    Genesis II - Directional (2 K-Band antennas)Same as basic package and with ALL software listed below$2,750

    Genesis II Options / Accessories
    Same Direction Software$100
    Faster Target Software$100
    Communications Software$75
    Video Interface Cable$50
    Stopwatch Software$50
    Patrol Lock Software$25
    Patrol Blank Software$25
    Auto Blank Software$25
    Computer Mounting Bracket$15
    Display to Computer interface Cable$15

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