Genesis Handheld(discontinued) Replaced with Genesis Handheld Digital

Introducing the new Genesis Handheld Radar...the smallest police radar you can buy. And the most advanced.
Genesis delivers outstanding range and accuracy, while maintaining an extremely low power output level. Not to mention its many handy features, like easy-to-read displays, a membrane-switch control panel, instant target acquisition and more.
Size for size, feature for feature, the new Genesis beats every radar on the market. Hands down.
Smaller - 1 1/4 pounds, it's the smallest hand held police radar in the world

Faster - Advanced DSP (Digital Signal Processing) software provides the best target acquisition and identification in the industry

Clearer - LED displays have automatic ambient light control, so they're east to read ... day or night

Handier - Membrane-switch control panel is much easier to use than traditional switches or knobs

Stronger - High-strength metal components and modular design provide outstanding durability and serviceability

Priced Lower - costs hundreds of dollars less than the closest technically comparable radar gun

Genesis Handheld Price List / Features
Model NumberModel Type / FeaturesPrice
Genesis Hand held (corded) Standard Package...
Radar gun, stationary software
MPH mode display, manual, certification & carrying box

Accessories / optionsPrice
KPH software option$50
Leather holster$100
PVC holster$100
Fitted hard carrying case$75
Fitted hard carrying case with charger (120V or 220V)$150
Soft carrying case$35
3 amp/hr battery pack$65
7 amp/hr battery pack$75
12 amp/hr battery pack$100

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