Ingram Technologies, LLC

Model IT 135XS Micro Miniature Color Camera

Price: $119.95 Plus shipping

A color camera this small and with 330 lines of resolution, which is a little better resolution than most VHS recorders will capture, is a great value for this price. There is nothing to set with this NTSC standard camera. Iris , shutter and exposure control are all automatic. You will be amazed by the raw quality this camera provides. It compares to cameras Ive bought costing $900 +. The base is a tilt /swivel mounting bracket and the supplied power/signal cable is fitted with a BNC connector.


* Tiny 1.37" X 1.37" footprint

* 330 Lines of resolution

* Sharp Video Chipset, " CCD, Auto features

* 1.5 LUX low light usage

* 50 Degrees FOV, precision glass lens

* Shutter 1/60 to 1/100,000 sec., stepless

* Requires 100mA at 12VDC

* Metal case Tilt /swivel base

* Auto shutter, Auto gain, Auto back-light

* Smear and blooming suppression, comb filter

* Plug in and play cables

* 1 Year warranty

* Shipping $3.85 Priority Mail.

Accessory available: PWR-12-300 Power supply