Ingram Technologies, LLC

Model IT 51XS Micro Miniature Monochrome Video Camera

Price: IT 51XS is $ 109.95 (Lens)

IT 51XP is $ 119.95 (pinhole)

Yes, thatís my thumbnail. This camera is .6" square and 1.25" long with lens. We have a pinhole version of this camera (IT 51-XP), which makes it even shorter. The camera comes enclosed in a plastic case. If you need a covert camera with low power consumption that can be run on battery, that weighs 1/3 of an oz. and can be concealed easily, this is the camera you need. With a resolution of 280 lines, and auto shutter/gain and back-light compensation, you donít need to set anything. This camera is perfect for model rocket or model aircraft use. The uses are boundless. Iíve used this camera when I had problems with "shrinkage" at our plant with almost instant results. This camera also sees in the infrared range. See our IR LED board to add the ability to make this a see-in-the-dark camera.


* Super-small, 0.6" square footprint

* 280 Lines of resolution

* Low light sensitivity of 1 LUX

* 3.6 mm F2.0 Lens

* 86 Degrees - Field of Vision (FOV)

* Shutter 1/60 to 1/100,000 sec., stepless

* Latest generation CMOS imaging device

* Auto shutter, Auto gain, Auto back-light

* Smear and blooming suppression, comb filter

* Power consumption is only 30 mA at 12VDC

( Iíve run it on a 9 Volt battery) 6 to 18 VDC

* Plug in and play cables

* 1 Year warranty

* Shipping $3.85 Priority Mail.

Accessories available: PWR-12-300 Power supply, IR 300 Infrared Light source.