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Model IT 6EXIR Miniature Infrared Monochrome Video Camera

  • Price: $129.95 Plus shipping
  • Magnetic fields donít bother this camera. This highly reliable long life Infrared camera sees in any visible light and through the infrared range of 860nm to 940nm. The internal 6 LED built in infrared light source provides the ability to see in the absence of any other light sources. The LEDís switch ON/OFF as ambient light changes. This means you could install one of these critters in a bat cave and still see the action. The BLM buys these cameras from us to do just that. The 6EX2 IR cameras are so versatile that we sell them to several agencies to see everything from fire evidence to inspecting photographic film while in process. These cameras may be used outside in daylight, nighttime under moonlight, total darkness (to 4 meters) or in a dimly lit room with outstanding picture quality. The Infrared lights switch ON or OFF as needed. The LEDís exhibit a slight red glow when they are ON. The CCD is truly sensitive in the invisible Infrared spectrum. Some "Black" materials show up as light gray because they reflect IR light. The camera comes housed in a sturdy metal enclosure with mounting bracket so it can be placed almost anywhere. Complete with cable for power and video out (BNC connector), the camera comes ready to plug in and start seeing the in the dark.


    * 2" W X 1- 9/16" H X 9/16" D, Lens 9/16"

    * 380 Lines of resolution, 510H X 492 V Pixels

    * Low light sensitivity of 0.25 LUX without IR LEDís

    * 0 Lux at ? 4 meters with 6 internal IR LEDís

    * 3.6 mm F2.0 Lens

    * 92 Degrees - Field of Vision (FOV)

    * 1/3" Samsung B/W CCD image sensor

    * 100mA at 12VDC with IR LEDís OFF Switching is automatic

    * 165mA at 12VDC with IR LEDís ON

    * Shutter 1/60 to 1/100,000 sec., stepless

    * Automatic gain control, high burn resistance 1/3" CCD

    * Signal to Noise 48db (AGC off)

    * Smear and blooming suppression, comb filter

    * Standard video output

    * Plug in and play cables

    * 1 Year warranty

    * Shipping $3.85 Priority Mail.

    Accessories available: PWR-12-300 Power supply, IR 300 Infrared Light source.