Miniature Infrared Video Cameras
[Miniature Infrared Camera]
Item code: CB-21
Miniature circuit board camera with built in 3.6mm lens. Includes an array of 6 IR light emmitting diodes (invisible to the human eye) for viewing images in total darkness with optical lens attached.

Item code: CB-20
Miniature circuit board camera with an adjustable "C" mount adapter attched. Does not include a IR light source or lens.

General specifications:
  • PCB size: 44 x 38.5mm
  • Operating voltage: 9V ~ 12V DC
  • Sensitivity: 0.1 LUX (at 50 IRE)
  • Resolution: greater than 380 TV Line (Horiz)
  • Video Out: 75 ohm 1vp-p Composite Signal
  • Focal Length: 3.6mm (CB21)
An very affordable surveillance camera at only:   $149.95

Continental US shipping and handling included.
[Surveillance Camera Enclosures] Item code: CB21(case) -- Enclosure and connector kit for CB21
Pre drilled for attached lens and IR diodes. Includes BNC video out and power connector.

Item code: CB20(case) -- Enclosure and connector kit for CB20
Pre drilled to allow mounting of "C" mount adapter and customer lens. Includes BNC video jack and power connector.

A real timesavor at:  $12.95   (Shipping free with camera)

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