Our Mission

Ingram Technologies, LLC's mission is to be the industry leader in the Photo Lidar, Photo Radar, Speed Sign Systems, and other traffic monitoring systems. We plan to do this by having the leading edge technological advances in our products and by offering the most innovative solutions created by the best qualified personnel possible. We will standby and maintain this mission by recognizing the customers needs and finding viable solutions to those needs. We realize that we want to sustain and hire the most capable work force possible and have these people share in our success.

Our Initiatives and Values

1. IT will support the customer in bringing their input to our products.

2. IT's strongest asset is it's people. And thus all people working for us will be treated as family, in the true sense.

3. All information about the company and it's dealings is open to the employees.

4. Truth and honesty are the values used in all business and interpersonal relationships.

5. Our employees are our most important asset. Our customers are our second most important asset.

6. Our focus is not on the competition, but the customers, present and future. These customers will shape the direction and service of our company.

7. There is one boss -- The customer, and he can fire everybody in the company from the president on down by simply spending his money somewhere else. Sam Walton


Our Goals

1. We are an innovative technological company and we wish to be creative in this endeavor, always looking back and to our customers to see forward.

2. We aim to maximize the return on investment to ourselves and our customers.

3. We seek to have managed growth and long term stability in the market and invest in our future with products and people that insure this goal.

4. We desire the management to be hands on and be involved in the daily operations of our company, contributore, not "bosses".

5. We will look to the customer for our direction - not the competition.

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