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Domestic U.S. Model Speed Signs - Available in 12" and 18" Display Height
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Deployment Options
Speed Trailer
Hitch Mount
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  • Both Alphaumeric and numeric speed signs Feature a super bright 2 digit LED display that will remind motorists to check their own speed and immediately gain voluntary speed compliance in a variety of locations:
  • Alphanumeric signs have six speed break messages and an emergency message that can alert the motorist to to your specific needs.
    • School Zones
    • Neighborhoods
    • High-Accident Locations
    • Dangerous Construction Areas

    Doppler radar unit included as a standard feature.
    Direction sensing (selectable), 12 VDC operation
    Water resistant fiberglass housing with aluminum/stainless hardware
    Optional Hitch Kit for car mounting
    Ready to operate / nothing extra to purchase or install.
    Detachable power cable
    Customer choice of (2) "SPEED LIMIT" signs
    Choice of either red or yellow display
    Custom fit to Ingram Technologies Speed Trailers

    Customer option to use your own radar unit. (Contact Ingram Technologies for a compatability list of radar units)

  • Standard vs Computer controlled features
    Standard Speed Sign ControlComputer Controlled Speed Sign
    • Speed sign reads approaching vehicle only
    • Displays vehicle speed only
    • Speed over violation alert
    • High speed cut off/blanking
    • Programmable alarm
    • Energy saving 'LED' blanking
    • Direction selectable
    All computer controlled functions are directly accessable through a standard computer keyboard connection.
    Doppler Radar
    Doppler radar used in the current Ingram Technologies speed signs
    is the direction sensing Decatur.

    Speed Sign Price List

    Model NumberDisplay SizeModel Type / FeaturesPrice
    U.S. Domestic Speed Sign Price List
    Model Number
    Model Type / FeaturesPrice
    V12C-2MComputer Controlled2,845
    V12CD-2MComputer Controlled / Data Collection3,845
    PWR-1AC Power Supply / 12" Sign Only189
    Solar-1Solar panel for 12" Sign Only495
    V18C-2MComputer Controlled3,840
    V18CD-2MComputer Controlled / Data Collection4,340
    PWR-2AC Power Supply / 18" Sign Only299
    Solar-2Solar panel for 18" Sign Only1,275
    Alarm Alarm Kit for all signs295
    LM-1 Light Minder (Auto Dimmer Control)195
    RLY-1 Relay Kit (Lights, Strobe, Camera)
    (2-5A/~240 VAC Contacts)

    Speed Sign Trailers and Accessories (signs not included)
    Model NumberModel Type / FeaturesPrice
    TLR-100  Speed Sign trailer
    HKT-1  Speed sign trailer hitch mounting kit

    Prices are subject to change
    CRATING:For ALL orders shipped outside Salt Lake City, Utah.
    Charges $225.00
    SHIPPING:F.O.B.(Freight On Board) Salt Lake City, Utah.
    Shipping / Crating charges will be added to your
    order total if we ship from our facility.
    Charges _________
    OVERSEAS:On overseas shipping, the customer is responsible for all
    import duties, tariffs, fees and associated delivery costs.
    Total ____________
    Other types & styles to be announced!
    Prices subject to change without prior notice!
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