V-1800 Speed Sign Animation
Speed Sign

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Animated sign will record and display all speeds of approaching vehicles. Whenever a vehicle exceeds the posted speed, the sign will display the speed in red flashing digits to warn the motorist that he/she is in violatin of the posted speed. Radar can be "gated" so that a motorist cannot exceed the speed to the extent that he can have the unit display excessive speeds.

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V-1800 Speed Sign Language Messages - More to be added
- Speed Limit
- Your Speed
- Thank You
- Slow Down
- Velocidad Limito
- Su Velocidad
- Gracias
- Lento Abajo
- Velocidade Limite
- Sua Velocidade
- Obrigado
- Devagar
- Vitesse Limite
- Votre Vitesse
- Merci
- Ralentir