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In the last several months, it has become clear that Microsoft
is not going to support the database which we were using for our
AutoTraxTM and Traffic CountTM traffic management software.
So, we have decided to go to a Web based solution.
The software is available by clicking the LINK below.
This function is NOW implemented.
Please call 435-613-0350 if you have questions.
If you use Internet Explorer, you must use Version 7 or higher.

File DescriptionSize
Auto-Traxtm Tri-fold document (2 pages) 417K
Auto-Traxtm Tri-fold document (2 pages) (Microsoft Word format) 922K
Assorted Flyers
Auto-Traxtm overall configuration (graphic) 209K
Auto-Traxtm comparison to service contract systems 29K

Ingram Technologies, LLC
Speed Trailer Flyer (4 pages)
Page 1 - Title page 336K
Page 2 - Speed trailer overview 657K
Page 3 - Speed signs overview 110K
Page 4 - Speed signs stationary/international 345K

File DescriptionSize
Operation manual for speed signs and trailer 3.5M


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